Randal  Lum

Randal Thomas Lum,

Born in Abilene TX June 17, 1955.

Moved to Poteau 1958.

Attended the church of Christ behind the old Dial building downtown Poteau, while they were building Lakeview C of C.

Went through the 4h grade at Rodman.

Moved to Joshua TX in 1965.

Became a Christian in 1972

Graduated in 1973.

Moved to Dallas TX & went to Lincoln Tech (Ryder) mechanic school.

Moved back to Poteau in 1974, to go to work for my uncle that owned H & T Service Center.

Started my own business at age 21 in 1976 Lum’s Auto Service.

Married Mindi Mia Ray 1981.

Had Miranda Faye & Cody Randal.

Was appointed a deacon at Lakeview, taught Jr. high classes & later remodeled the church.

Sold out my Auto Service in 1985 & started Lum’s Sales & Service that I’m still working for.

Had a couple of grandsons by Miranda: Logan & Mannix

Was appointed an elder in 2009 at Poteau C of C.

Had a couple more grandsons by Cody & Crystal: Ollie & Rowan.

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