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Sermons 2018 Date Speaker
“Sanctification Is of Grace”  01-07-18 A.M.  Don
 “What Does It Mean to Trust?”  01-07-18 P.M.   Don
“God’s Waiting Room”  01-14-18 A.M.   Don
 Shepherd Groups 01-14-18 P.M.  Groups 
“The Spiritual Battle”  01-21-18 A.M.   Don
“The Family of Man”  01-21-18 P.M.   Don
“Anger’s Unruly Offspring”  01-28-18 A.M.  Don 
 “Trusting God to Change People” 01-28-18 P.M.  Don 
 “The Myth of Singleness” 02-04-18 A.M.  Don 
“Onward Christian Soldiers”  02-04-18 P.M.  Don 
“Don Impromptu”  02-11-18 A.M.   Don
 Shepherd Group Meetings 02-11-18 P.M.   Groups
“The Seven Gifts God Gave to Singles”  02-18-18 A.M.  Don
P.M. Sermon 02-18-18 P.M.  Paul
 “Divorce is of this World” 02-25-18 A.M.  Don 
“Trusting God Day by Day”  02-25-18 P.M.  Don 
"Divorce Is Not the Problem" 03-04-18 A.M.  Don 
"The Echo of God" 03-04-18 P.M.  Don 
 “Divorce and the Bible” 03-11-18 A.M.  Don
 Shepherd Groups 03-11-18 P.M.  Groups 
 "The History of Divorce” 03-18-18 A.M.  Don
 “Moses Meets God Face to Face” 03-18-18 P.M.  Don 
 “The Husband’s Responsibility” 03-25-18 A.M.  Don 
 India Mission Trip 03-25-18 P.M.  Joe Evins 
“The Resurrection Produced People of Hope”  04-01-18 A.M.  Don
“Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Grave”  04-01-18 P.M.  Don 
“Broken Relationships”  04-08-18 A.M.  Don 
 Shepherd Groups 04-08-18 P.M.  Groups 
“Life After Divorce and Separation” 04-15-18 A.M.   Don 
 “Permission to Vent” 04-15-18 P.M.  Don 
”The Cleansing of the Leper”  04-22-18 A.M.  Don 
 “Beware of Your Hadad and Rezon” 04-22-18 P.M.  Don 

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