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Sermons 2017 Date Speaker
“Loving God” Pt. 1 01-01-17 A.M. Don
“Loving God” Pt. 2 01-01-17 P.M. Don
"No Other God" 01-08-17 A.M. Don
Shepherd Groups - no recording 01-08-17 P.M. Groups
A.M. Sermon 01-15-17 A.M. Don
“Pride” 01-15-17 P.M. Don
“How Do We Glorify God?” 01-22-17 A.M. Don
“The Causes of Human Suffering” 01-22-17 P.M. Don
“Admonishing One Another” 01-29-17 A.M. Don
“Cultivating Joy” 01-29-17 P.M. Don
"Confront, Control, and Conquer the Enemy" 02-05-17 A.M. Don
"The Exorcist" 02-05-17 P.M. Don
“Marriage Breakdown” 02-12-17 A.M. Don
Shepherd Groups - no recording 02-12-17 P.M. Groups
The Helmet of Salvation 02-19-17 A.M. Don
P.M. Sermon 02-19-17 P.M. Paul
“The Seed Promise: God’s Plan of Redemption” Pt. 1 02-26-17 A.M. Don
“Jesus as Mediator and Advocate” 02-26-17 P.M. Don
“The Seed Promise: The Blessing” Pt. 2 03-05-17 A.M. Don
“Wonderful Counselor” 03-05-17 P.M. Don
I Will Make a New Covenant Pt. 1
03-12-17 A.M Don
Shepherd Groups 03-12-17 P.M. Groups
03-19-17 A.M. Don
“I Will Make a New Covenant” Pt.3 03-19-17 P.M. Don
What Do You Know 03-26-17 A.M. JJ
P.M. Sermon 03-27-17 P.M. Robert Martin
“Put Your Trust in God” 04-02-17 A.M. Don
“Sin is The Problem” 04-02-17 P.M. Don
“Worshiping In Vain” 04-09-17 A.M. Don
Shepherding Groups 04-09-17 P.M. Groups
“I Thirst” 04-16-17 A.M. Don
“Down in the Dumps: How To Overcome Depression" 04-16-17 P.M. Don
“When the Winds are Against You” 04-23-17 A.M. Don
Three Dimensional Worship:
A Worshiping Life”
04-23-17 P.M. Don
“Satan Has Asked For You” 04-30-17 A.M. Don
Three Things Jesus said about God that will blow your mind 04-30-17 P.M. Michael Cox
“Guard What Was Committed to Your Trust” 05-07-17 A.M. Don
“Our Father” 05-07-17 P.M. Don
“The Pain and Celebration of a Mother” 05-14-17 A.M. Don
Shepherd Groups meeting 05-14-17 P.M. Don
Sunday A.M. 05-21-17 A.M. Paul
Sunday P.M. 05-21-17 P.M. JJ
"God Rewards Faith” 05-28-17 A.M. Don
“The Pain of Leah” Pt.2 05-28-17 P.M. Don
F.E.A.R: Public Enemy #1 06-04-17 A.M. Don
“The Celebration of Leah” Pt. 3 06-04-17 P.M. Don
Parenting in a Media Filled World Part 1 06-11-17 A.M. Delton McGuire
Parenting in a Media Filled World Part 2 06-11-17 P.M. Delton McGuire
Character of the New Man:
06-18-17 A.M. Don
“For This Reason” 06-18-17 P.M. Don
“The Great Flood” 06-25-17 A.M. Don
VBS- Not Recorded 06-25-17 P.M. VBS
“The Washing of Regeneration” 07-02-17 A.M. Don
“Don’t Worry: Consider The Birds and the Lilies” 07-02-17 P.M. Don
A.M. Sermon 07-09-17 A.M. Paul Crouch
Shepherd Groups 07-09-17 P.M. Group Study
“Heaven: Unbroken Fellowship with God” 07-16-17 A.M. Don
"What You Know..?” 07-16-17 P.M. JJ Espinoza
“Keep Moving Forward” 07-23-17 A.M. Don
“Living by Faith” 07-23-17 P.M. Don
“The Resurrection Life” 07-30-17 A.M. Don
“Fruit, Roots, and the Heart” 07-30-17 P.M. Don
A.M. Sermon 08-06-17 A.M. Paul
P.M. Sermon 08-06-17 P.M. Paul
A.M. Sermon 08-13-17 A.M. Paul Crouch
Shepherd Groups 08-13-17 P.M. Groups
“The Resurrection Life” 08-20-17 A.M. Don
P.M. Sermon 08-20-17 P.M. Robert Martin
“Striving for a Crown” 08-27-17 A.M. Don
“Be Strong in the Lord” 08-27-17 P.M. Don
“Filled to the Brim” 09-03-17 A.M. Don
“What does Forgiveness Look Like” 09-03-17 P.M. Don
Broken and Contrite Heart 09-10-17 A.M. Don
Shepherd Group Meetings 09-10-17 P.M. Groups
"So Great Faith” 09-17-17 A.M. Don
“Trust In The Lord” 09-17-17 P.M. Don
“Stewardship: An Act of Worship” 09-24-17 A.M. Don
“Sunday Worship in Troas” 09-24-17 P.M. Don
“Great Things” 10-01-17 A.M. JJ
Guatemala Mission Trip 10-01-17 P.M. Missions
"Messed Up People” 10-08-17 A.M. Don
Shepherd Groups 10-08-17 P.M. Groups
“The Great Catch In The Deep Water” 10-15-17 A.M. Don
“Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering?” 10-15-17 P.M. Don
“The Will to Do God’s Will” 10-22-17 A.M. Don
“The Sin of Envy, Jealousy, and
10-22-17 P.M. Don
“Paul and Corinth” 10-29-17 A.M. Don
“A Divided Church” 10-29-17 P.M. Don
“No Longer A Slave to Sin” 11-05-17 A.M. Don
“Fruit, Roots, and the Heart” 11-05-17 P.M. Don
“What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?” 11-12-17 A.M. Don
Shepherd Groups 11-12-17 P.M. Don
“You are the Body of Christ” 11-19-17 A.M. Don
Not To Be Served, But To Serve 11-19-17 P.M. Paul Williams
“The Fellowship of the Church” 11-26-17 A.M. Don
“The Sovereignty of God” 11-26-17 P.M. Don
“Grace or Guilt at the Table” 12-03-17 A.M. Don
“What Makes a Church Strong” 12-03-17 P.M. Don
"Bah Humbug" 12-10-17 A.M. Don
Shepherd Groups 12-10-17 P.M. Groups
“Trust In The Lord and Do Good” 12-17-17 A.M. Don
Childrens Play 12-17-17 P.M. Children
“God With Us” 12-24-17 A.M. Don
No Service 12-24-17 P.M.
A.M. Service 12-31-17 A.M. Paul Fletcher
P.M. Service 12-31-17 P.M. Paul Williams

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