Sermons 2016 Date Speaker
“A Private Problem and A Public Testimony” 01-03-16 A.M. Don
“The Ugliness of Anger” 01-03-16 P.M. Don
“Forgiven Sin and Suffered Consequences” 01-10-16 A.M. Don
“Consider My Servant, Job” 01-10-16 P.M. Don
“God is Building Us” 01-17-16 A.M. Don
Sunday PM 01-17-16 P.M. Robert Martin
"Repent and Be Baptized" 01-24-16 A.M. Don
"Look For What You’re Looking For" 01-24-16 P.M. Don
“Be Strong In The Lord” 01-31-16 A.M. Don
“Beware of Your Hadad and Rezon” 01-31-16 P.M. Don
“No More Half-Stepping” pt. 1 02-07-16 A.M. Don
“No More Half-Stepping” cont. 02-07-16 P.M. Don
“It’s a Love Thing” Pt.1 02-14-16 A.M. Don
“It’s a Love Thing” Pt.2 02-14-16 P.M. Don
“It’s A Love Thing” pt.3 02-21-16 A.M. Don
“Givers and Takers” 02-21-16 P.M. Don
"Vessel of Honor” 02-28-16 A.M. Don
"Vessel of Honor” cont. 02-28-16 P.M. Don
“Doing all Things Without Complaining” 03-06-16 A.M. Don
“Have You Left Your First Love?” 03-06-16 P.M. Don
“Save Your Children” 03-13-16 A.M Don
“David’s Great Sin: The Deadly Census” 03-13-16 P.M. Don
“Christian Singles” 03-20-16 A.M. Don
“How To Overcome Discouragement” 03-20-16 P.M. Don
“Looking Unto Jesus” 03-27-16 A.M. Don
“Encouraging with Your Eyes” 03-27-16 P.M. Don
“The Goodness of God” 04-03-16 A.M. Don
“Encouraging With Your Ears” 04-03-16 P.M. Don
"The Love of God" 04-10-16 A.M. Don
No Service - Singing Weekend 04-10-16 P.M. Keith Lancaster
“The Gratitude of The Soul” 04-17-16 A.M. Don
Evening Sermon 04-17-16 P.M. Robert Martin
Youth Rally 04-24-16 A.M. Youth
“Blue Sunday” 04-24-16 P.M. Don
“Called to be Saints” 05-01-16 A.M. Don
“The Morality of Money” 05-01-16 P.M. Don
not recorded 05-08-16 A.M. Paul
not recorded 05-08-16 P.M. Manny
“God’s Master Plan” pt. 1 05-15-16 A.M. Don
“God’s Master Plan” pt. 2 05-15-16 P.M. Don
"The Exorcism” 05-22-16 A.M. Don
“The Greatness of God” 05-22-16 P.M. Don
“Remember Lot’s Wife” 05-29-16 A.M. Don
“Remember Lot’s Wife” cont. 05-29-16 P.M. Don
“The Sinful Woman Forgiven” 06-05-16 A.M. Don
“Thinking, Thanking, and Loving” 06-05-16 P.M. Don
“Why Me? Because God Hates Pride” 06-12-16 A.M. Don
“Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” 06-12-16 P.M. Don
“Fathers of Faith Lead by Example” 06-19-16 A.M. Don
“Men, Get Rid of the Mask” 06-19-16 P.M. Don
“Abundant Life” 06-26-16 A.M. Don
“My Expectation Is From God” 06-26-16 P.M. Don
“Introduction to 1 John” 07-03-16 A.M. Don
“Spiritual Russian Roulette” 07-03-16 P.M. Don
Sermon by Paul 07-10-16 A.M. Paul Fletcher
VBS 07-10-16 P.M. VBS
“Our Advocate” 07-17-16 A.M. Don
Robert Martin 07-17-16 P.M. Robert
“Love Him? I Don’t Even Like Him!” 07-24-16 A.M. Don
“You Are A Winner! You Know What Matters” 07-24-16 P.M. Don
“Watch Out for The AntiChrist” 07-31-16 A.M. Don
“Remaining Forever” 07-31-16 P.M. Don
“Practice Makes…..” 08-07-16 A.M. Don
“The Guilty Conscience” 08-07-16 P.M. Don
Guilty Conscience” pt 2 08-14-16 A.M. Don
Our Confidence in the Work of Christ Review 08-14-16 P.M. Don
Last 8 Days 08-21-16 A.M. Robert Martin
Last 8 Days cont. 08-21-16 P.M. Robert Martin
How Can You Tell a False Teacher? 08-28-16 A.M. Don
God Sits on The Witness Stand 08-28-16 P.M. Don
“God Sits on the Witness Stand” cont. 09-04-16 A.M. Don
“The Crux of the Matter: The Cross” 09-04-16 P.M. Don
"To A Special Lady" 09-11-16 A.M. Don
Shepherd Groups 09-11-16 P.M. Groups
“To A Spiritually Healthy Man” 09-18-16 A.M. Don
“The Spirit of Unthankfulness” 09-18-16 P.M. Don
“Be An Encourager” 09-25-16 A.M. Don
“Suffering and Personal Ministry” 09-25-16 P.M. Don
Sermon by Paul Fletcher 10-02-16 A.M. Paul
Sermon by Manny Rivera 10-02-16 P.M. Manny
“Thou Art the Christ” 10-09-16 A.M. Don
“The Parable of the Rich Fool” 10-09-16 P.M. Don
Shepherd Groups 10-16-16 A.M. Groups
Sunday P.M. 10-16-16 P.M. JJ
Sunday A.M. 10-23-16 A.M. Paul
Sunday P.M. 10-23-16 P.M. Robert
“Called to be Saints” 10-30-16 A.M. Don
“What Made The Good Soil So Good” 10-30-16 P.M. Don
Let Go 11-06-16 A.M. JJ Espinoza
Sabbath Day Worship 11-06-16 P.M. Robert Martin
Sermon about Social Media 11-13-16 A.M. Don
Shepherd Groups 11-13-16 P.M. Group Study
“Guarding the Tongue” 11-20-16 A.M. Don
“Be Careful How you Treat Your Gift” 11-20-16 P.M. Don
A.M. Sermon 11-27-16 A.M. JJ Espinoza
P.M. Sermon 11-27-16 P.M. Robert Martin
“One Job Opening" 12-04-16 A.M. Don
“Here Am I, Send Me” 12-04-16 P.M. Don
A.M. Sermon 12-11-16 A.M. Paul
Shepherd Groups 12-11-16 P.M. Groups
“Why Did My Savior Come to Earth?" 12-18-16 A.M. Don
“He Still Calls Her His Bride” 12-18-16 P.M. Don
“Immanuel” God with Us. 12-25-16 A.M. Don
No Service 12-25-16 P.M. Christmas

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