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Sermons 2015 Date Speaker
"Stay In Jerusalem" 01-04-15 A.M. Don
"The Devil" 01-04-15 P.M. Don
"Confront, Control, and Conquer the Enemy" 01-11-15 A.M. Don
Truth for Today (not recorded) 01-11-15 P.M. Derek Glover
“ The Lord Delivered” 01-18-15 A.M. Don
“And With Many Other Words” 01-18-15 P.M. Dick Hurlocker
“Guilty As Charged” Pt. 1 01-25-15 A.M. Don
“Guilty As Charged” Pt. 2 01-25-15 P.M. Don
“Fitting Man’s Desire into God’s Desire” 02-01-15 A.M. Don
“And I, If I be Lifted Up” 02-01-15 P.M. Don
“Guidelines for Sexual Purity” 02-08-15 A.M. Don
“Comfort in Suffering” 02-08-15 P.M. Don
Jehovah Rapha: “The Lord Who Heals” 02-15-15 A.M. Don
“The Problem with Grace” 02-15-15 P.M. Don
Jehovah Shalom, "The Lord is Peace" 02-22-15 A.M. Don
No Service Bad Weather 02-22-15 P.M. Don
“Sanctify Them By Your Truth” 03-01-15 A.M. Don
“Closed For Weather” 03-01-15 P.M. Don
“Eat Right, Grow Right” 03-08-15 A.M. Don
“The Reason Why God is Longsuffering” 03-08-15 P.M. Don
“God’s Master Plan” 03-15-15 A.M Don
“God’s Master Plan” Cont.. 03-15-15 P.M. Don
"What is the Will of God for Your Life?"? 03-22-15 A.M. Don
"Check Out the Credits" 03-22-15 P.M. Don
“Church Discipline” 03-29-15 A.M. Don
“Objections to Church Discipline” 03-29-15 P.M. Don
“God’s Master Plan” 04-05-15 A.M. Don
“God’s Master Plan” Cont.. 04-05-15 P.M. Don
"What is the Will of God for Your Life?" 04-12-15 A.M. Don
"Check Out the Credits" 04-12-15 P.M. Don
―The Mind of Christ 04-19-15 A.M. Don
Elders Prayers- Not Recorded 04-19-15 P.M. Elders
His Kingdom 04-26-15 A.M. Rob Duncan
Polluted Offerings 04-26-15 P.M. Don
When You Pass Through the Waters 05-03-15 A.M. Don
Putting Old People in Their Place 05-03-15 P.M. Don
Be the Parent God Wants You to be 05-10-15 A.M. Don
A Friend Who Sticks Closer Than a Brother 05-10-15 P.M. Don
How should I Choose My Friends? 05-17-15 A.M. Don
Five Dimensions of Sin 05-17-15 P.M. Don
The Passion of Christ 05-24-15 A.M. Don
The Passion of Christ- Cont. 05-24-15 P.M. Don
Loving The Difficult 05-31-15 A.M. Michael Lum
Kingdom Citizen 05-31-15 P.M. Don
Work Together for Good 06-07-15 A.M. Don
Called According to His Purpose 06-07-15 P.M. Don
Put Off and Put On 06-14-15 A.M. Don
Put Off and Put On 06-14-15 P.M. Don
Fruitful Vines and Olive Plants 06-21-15 A.M. Don
Too Short to See 06-21-15 P.M. Don
"Praying Out of the Fish’s Belly" 06-28-15 A.M. Don
Vacation Bible School 06-28-15 P.M. Paul
Don't Hang Out In that Condition 07-05-15 A.M. Don
Hardened by the Deceitfulness of Sin 07-05-15 P.M. Don
Man Shall not Live by Bread Alone 07-12-15 A.M. Don
The Pure Heart 07-12-15 P.M. Don
The Time is Fulfilled 07-19-15 A.M. Don
Sun P.M. 07-19-15 P.M. Robert Martin
Count It All Joy 07-26-15 A.M. Don
Search me, O God 07-26-15 P.M. Don
Count It All Joy 08-02-15 A.M. Don
Search me, O God 08-02-15 P.M. Don
Christ in His Humiliation 08-09-15 A.M. Don
Will Jesus Find Faith When It Comes? 08-09-15 P.M. Don
Financial Irresponsibility 08-16-15 A.M. Don
In the Last Days 08-16-15 P.M. Don
Replacing Loneliness for Loyalty Pt. 1 08-23-15 A.M. Don
Replacing Loneliness for Loyalty Cont. 08-23-15 P.M. Don
Casting Your Cares on God 08-30-15 A.M. Don
Standards Night - Not Recorded 08-30-15 P.M. Paul
Holy and Blameless 09-06-15 A.M. Don
Zipporah 09-06-15 P.M. Don
Sin Sick...God Loved 09-13-15 A.M. Don
Grace And Truth 09-13-15 P.M. Don
No Condemnation Pt. 1 09-20-15 A.M. Don
Guatemala Report 09-20-15 P.M. Paul Crites
"No Condemnation" cont 09-27-15 A.M. Don
"Angels Watching Out for You" 09-27-15 P.M. Don
Remember God’s Love 10-04-15 A.M. Paul
“By Faith” 10-04-15 P.M. Paul
Blessed Assurance 10-11-15 A.M. Don
"Wrong Way…… Go Back" 10-11-15 P.M. Don
"Grape Expectations" 10-18-15 A.M. Don
P.M.Sermon 10-18-15 P.M. Robert Martin
“A more Exellent Way” - not recorded 10-25-15 A.M. Paul Fletcher
“Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth”-not recorded 10-25-15 P.M. Paul Fletcher
“God Never Fails to Keep His Promises” 11-01-15 A.M. Don
“We Can Know That We Are Saved” 11-01-15 P.M. Don
“TheVine and The Vinedresser” 11-08-15 A.M. Don
“Will You Trust God” 11-08-15 P.M. Don
“Our Work is Greater” 11-15-15 A.M. Don
“Declaring the End from the Beginning” 11-15-15 P.M. Don
11-22-15 A.M. Don
“Hallowed Be Your Name” 11-22-15 P.M. Don
World Bible School 11-29-15 A.M. Jim Corner
“God Is Pleased With His Son” 11-29-15 P.M. Don
“The Discipline of Self-Control” 12-06-15 A.M. Don
“God Is Pleased with His Son” 12-06-15 P.M. Don
“Lawmakers and Lawbreakers” 12-13-15 A.M. Don
“Baptizing in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” 12-13-15 P.M. Don
“Living on Purpose” 12-20-15 A.M. Paul
“Provoked, not Offended” 12-20-15 P.M. Joe McKinney
“The Decisions Jesus Made” 12-27-15 A.M. Don
“Child of God” 12-27-15 P.M. Ryan Johnston

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