Sermons 2014 Date Speaker
The Shield of Faith 01-05-14 A.M. Don
The Helmet of Salvation 01-05-14 P.M. Don
The Sword of The Spirit 01-12-14 A.M. Don
Great Is The Lord 01-12-14 P.M. Don
“No More Hiding Behind the Past,” Pt. 1 01-19-14 A.M. Don
“No More Hiding Behind the Past,” Pt. 2 01-19-14 P.M. Don
“Blessed Christian Assurance” Pt. 1 01-26-14 A.M. Don
“Blessed Christian Assurance” Pt. 2 01-26-14 P.M. Don
"I Thank God" 02-02-14 A.M. Don
No Services - Closed For Weather 02-02-14 P.M. Don
“Blessed Christian Assurance” Pt. 3 02-09-14 A.M. Don
“Blessed Christian Assurance” Pt. 4 02-09-14 P.M. Don
“Collection for The Saints,” Pt. 1 02-16-14 A.M. Don
“Faith and Acceptance” 02-16-14 P.M. Don
“Collection for The Saints,” Pt. 2 02-23-14 A.M. Don
“Lay Your Burdens Down” 02-23-14 P.M. Don
Lord, I Believe; Help My Unbelief” Pt. 1 03-02-14 A.M. Don
Services Cancelled Because of Weather 03-02-14 P.M. Don
“Be A Winner for God” 03-09-14 A.M. Don
"Lord, I Believe; Help My Unbelief" Pt. 2 03-09-14 P.M. Don
“Misplaced Confidence” 03-16-14 A.M Don
“Misplaced Confidence” Part 2 03-16-14 P.M. Don
"The Lord's Supper" 03-23-14 A.M. Don
"The Lord's Supper" Pt. 2 03-23-14 P.M. Don
"This Is My Body" 03-30-14 A.M. Don
5th Sunday Singing - Not Recorded 03-30-14 P.M. Don
“A Place Called Hell” 04-06-14 A.M. Don
“The Attractiveness of Christianity” 04-06-14 P.M. Don
“Tartarus: The Place of The Wicked” 04-13-14 A.M. Don
“The Preciousness of Heaven” 04-13-14 P.M. Don
“In My Fathers House” 04-20-14 A.M. Don
“What Will We Be Like?” 04-20-14 P.M. Don
Youth Rally 04-27-14 A.M. Patrick Mead
“Perfect Relationships in Heaven” 04-27-14 P.M. Don
“How God Keeps His Temple From Vanishing' 05-04-14 A.M. Paul
“I’m Not Going to Run this Race in Vain” 05-04-14 P.M. Paul
"Mother of All Living" 05-11-14 A.M. Don
"The Angels in Heaven" 05-11-14 P.M. Don
Stiring Up The Gift 05-18-14 A.M. Paul
“Out of the Abundance of the Heart" 05-18-14 P.M. Don
“If Only I May Touch His Clothes” 05-25-14 A.M. Don
“The Goodness of God” 05-25-14 P.M. Don
The Importance of Relationships 06-01-14 A.M. Don
The Sovereignty of God 06-01-14 P.M. Don
"Which Hood Are You In?” 06-08-14 A.M. Don
"The Importance of Faith” 06-08-14 P.M. Don
“The Call To Greatness” 06-15-14 A.M. Don
Recovery Presentation 06-15-14 P.M. Forrest Smith
“The Love of Sin” Pt. 1 06-22-14 A.M. Don
Vacation Bible School 06-22-14 P.M. not recorded
“The Love of Sin" 06-29-14 A.M. Don
“Is the Bible Relevant for Today?” 06-29-14 P.M. Don
“Pride Goes Before Destruction” 07-06-14 A.M. Don
“The Study of God,” Pt.1 07-06-14 P.M. Don
“The Destruction of Unforgiveness" 07-13-14 A.M. Don
“The Study of God” 07-13-14 P.M. Don
“Learning to Forgive” 07-20-14 A.M. Don
“The Nature of God" - Pt 1 07-20-14 P.M. Don
“When There’s No Apology” 07-27-14 A.M. Don
The Nature of God” Cont. 07-27-14 P.M. Don
"My Way Is Hidden from the Lord” - Not Recorded 08-03-14 A.M. Don
“God’s Glory” - Not Recorded 08-03-14 P.M. Don
“I will Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills” 08-10-14 A.M. Don
“The Graciousness of God” 08-10-14 P.M. Don
“The Grace of God” 08-17-14 A.M. Don
"The Missing Ingredient: Faith" 08-17-14 P.M. Don
“The Love of God” 08-24-14 A.M. Don
“A Prideful Heart” 08-24-14 P.M. Don
“The Wrath of God” 08-31-14 A.M. Don
Standards Night - Recorded On LiveStream Video 08-31-14 P.M. Paul
“Christ, Our Wisdom from God” 09-07-14 A.M. Paul
“Sit, Walk, Stand” 09-07-14 P.M. Paul
“Christ in His Humiliation” 09-14-14 A.M. Don
“The Discipline of Thinking, Thanking, and Loving" 09-14-14 P.M. Don
“TheTesting of our Faith” Pt. 1 09-21-14 A.M. Don
“Who Let the Dogs Out?” 09-21-14 P.M. Don
“The Testing of Our Faith” Pt.2 09-28-14 A.M. Don
“Zipporah” 09-28-14 P.M. Don
“That You May Know” Pt. 1 10-05-14 A.M. Don
“That You May Know” Pt. 2 10-05-14 P.M. Don
“Don’t Compromise Your Integrity” Pt. 1 10-12-14 A.M. Don
P.M. Sermon 10-12-14 P.M. Hurlocker
“Don’t Compromise Your Integrity” Pt. 2 10-19-14 A.M. Don
The Keeper of Your Soul 10-19-14 P.M. Don
“The Gratitude of The Soul” 10-26-14 A.M. Don
“Your Kingdom Mind” 10-26-14 P.M. Don
“The Importance of the Church” 11-02-14 A.M. Don
“David's Great Sin” 11-02-14 P.M. Don
The Worship of The Church 11-09-14 A.M. Don
Youth Focus not Recorded 11-09-14 P.M. Youth
“The Soul's Search for God” 11-16-14 A.M. Don
“Serving Christ In the Golden Years” 11-16-14 P.M. Don
“Seek First the Kingdom of God” 11-23-14 A.M. Don
“The Purpose of Trials” 11-23-14 P.M. Don
“Peace That Passes All Understanding” 11-30-14 A.M. Don
“He Shall Be Called…” 11-30-14 P.M. Don
“Peace That Passes All Understanding” Pt.2 12-07-14 A.M. Don
“Time and Beyond Time” 12-07-14 P.M. Don
“The Answer is on the Way” 12-14-14 A.M. Don
“The Anointing and the Appointing” 12-14-14 P.M. Don
“Faking the Fa-la-la” 12-21-14 A.M. Don
“The Accuser” 12-21-14 P.M. Don
"Heaven is Worth Dying For" 12-28-14 A.M. Don
"Heaven is Worth Dying For" -cont.- 12-28-14 P.M. Don

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