Sermons 2013 Date Speaker
The Boldness of True Friendship 01-06-13 A.M. Don
Declaring the End From the Beginning 01-06-13 P.M. Don
Extravagant Love 01-13-13 A.M. Don
The Power of Compassion 01-13-13 P.M. Don
Lord of the Lamp Stands 01-20-13 A.M. Don
Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Use To? 01-20-13 P.M. Don
Smyrna: “Be Faithful Until Death” 01-27-13 A.M. Don
Pergamos: “Friends with The World” 01-27-13 P.M. Don
Thyatira - Deadly Effect of Compromise 02-03-13 A.M. Don
Here Am I, Lord Send Me 02-03-13 P.M. Don
Sardis- “You’re Alive but Dead” 02-10-13 A.M. Don
Philadelphia- “Little Power and A Big Open Door” 02-10-13 P.M. Don
Laodicea - "You Make Me Sick" 02-17-13 A.M. Don
Youth Focus - Sermon On Mars Hill 02-17-13 P.M. Don
Be Encouraged 02-24-13 A.M. Don
The Party Doesn't Have To Be Over 02-24-13 P.M. Don
Sermon By Paul Fletcher 03-03-13 A.M. Paul
Sermon By Dick Hurlocker Not Recorded 03-03-13 P.M. Hurlocker
“How to Make Your Life Miserable by Not Controlling Your Passions” Pt. 1 03-10-13 A.M. Don
“How to Make Your Life Miserable by Not Controlling Your Passions” Pt. 2 03-10-13 P.M. Don
Put Down Your Stones 03-17-13 A.M Don
When God Says No 03-17-13 P.M. Don
“Grace in an Unexpected Place” 03-24-13 A.M. Don
“The Knowledge of God” 03-24-13 P.M. Don
God has exalted Him 03-31-13 A.M. Don
God Has In These Last Days Spoken To Us Through His Son 03-31-13 P.M. Don
“You Shall Not Murder” 04-07-13 A.M. Don
“No Other God” 04-07-13 P.M. Don
"Loving God" 04-14-13 A.M. Don
"The Brother of Jesus" 04-14-13 P.M. Don
“Exposing The Dark Side” 04-21-13 A.M. Don
“Why Don’t We Share Our Faith?" 04-21-13 P.M. Don
“Encouragement Among The Family of God" 04-28-13 A.M. Don
How to Deal With Our Temptations 04-28-13 P.M. Don
When Your Fire Goes Out 05-05-13 A.M. Richard Hurlocker
Contact Church Update 05-05-13 P.M. Ron Babbitt
The Servant Heart 05-12-13 A.M. Dr. Jerry Jones
Multiple Sessions By Jerry & Lynn Jones  05-12-13 P.M. Dr. Jerry & LynnJones
“Grace Is A Person” 05-19-13 A.M. Don
“Grace And Discipleship” 05-19-13 P.M. Don
“Good News of Great Joy” 05-26-13 A.M. Don
“The One You Love” 05-26-13 P.M. Don
Can You Get Away With Sin? 06-02-13 A.M. Richard Hurlocker
Why God Gives Up On People 06-02-13 P.M. Frank Morgan
Know Who You Are 06-09-13 A.M. Don
It Is Well 06-09-13 P.M. Don
“God’s Idea of a Real Man” 06-16-13 A.M. Don
“Our Father” 06-16-13 P.M. Don
The Three "B's" (Belong, Believe, and Behave) 06-23-13 A.M. Don
no sermon - vacation bible school 06-23-13 P.M.
God Blesses Obedience Pt. 1 06-30-13 A.M. Don
God Blesses Obedience Pt. 2 06-30-13 P.M. Don
“Work Is A Gift From God” 07-07-13 A.M. Don
“The God of All Comfort” 07-07-13 P.M. Don
A Simple Faith 07-14-13 A.M. Richard Hurlocker
Sunday P.M. 07-14-13 P.M. Scott Martin
“Are You Ready?” 07-21-13 A.M. Don
“Faithful Is He Who Called You” 07-21-13 P.M. Don
“You Are… Influence” 07-28-13 A.M. Don
“Lord, Which Way Should I Go?” 07-28-13 P.M. Don
“The Spirit of God” 08-04-13 A.M. Don
“Why Is The Holy Spirit Here?” 08-04-13 P.M. Don
“What Is My Purpose?” 08-11-13 A.M. Don
“Wisdom: Are You A Wise Person?" 08-11-13 P.M. Don
“No More Straddling the Fence” Part 1 08-18-13 A.M. Don
“No More Straddling the Fence” Part 2 08-18-13 P.M. Don
"Learning From The Early Church" 08-25-13 A.M. Don
Youth Education Presentation (not recorded) 08-25-13 P.M. Paul
“What Must We Do?” 09-01-13 A.M. Don
“Me, Myself, and God” 09-01-13 P.M. Don
“Let This Mind Be In You” 09-08-13 A.M. Don
“Let This Mind Be In You” Cont. 09-08-13 P.M. Don
“Find Your Donkey” 09-15-13 A.M. Don
"What Does Reverence Really Mean?” 09-15-13 P.M. Don
“The Infallible Word of God Verses False Doctrine" 09-22-13 A.M. Don
“The Infallible Word of God Verses False Doctrine" Cont. 09-22-13 P.M. Don
“Under the Influence And I want More” 09-29-13 A.M. Don
“Under the Influence And I want More” Cont 09-29-13 P.M. Don
“Satan’s Kingdom” 10-06-13 A.M. Don
“The God of All Riches” 10-06-13 P.M. Don
"All Spiritual Blessings” 10-13-13 A.M. Don
“We Were Dead In Trespasses and Sins” 10-13-13 P.M. Don
He Made Us Alive 10-20-13 A.M. Don
He Is Our Peace 10-20-13 P.M. Don
“He Is Building Us” 10-27-13 A.M. Don
“For This Cause” 10-27-13 P.M. Don
“Put Off The Old Man” 11-03-13 A.M. Don
“ Sacrificial Love” 11-03-13 P.M. Don
I Have Believed 11-10-13 A.M. Richard Hurlocker
I Found No Guilt In Him 11-10-13 P.M. Richard Hurlocker
“Be Strong In The Lord” 11-17-13 A.M. Don
“The Nature of The Battle” 11-17-13 P.M. Don
“The Opposition in the Battle” Pt 1 11-24-13 A.M. Don
“The Opposition in the Battle” Cont 11-24-13 P.M. Don
“Belt of Truth” - Pt. 1 12-01-13 A.M. Don
“Belt of Truth” - Continued 12-01-13 P.M. Don
Services cancelled due to bad weather 12-08-13 A.M.
Services cancelled due to bad weather 12-08-13 P.M.
“The Breastplate of Righteousness” 12-15-13 A.M. Don
“Finally, Be Strong in the Lord” 12-15-13 P.M. Don
“Don’t Fake the Fa La La” 12-22-13 A.M. Don
“I know the Plan” 12-22-13 P.M. Don
“The Shoes of Peace” 12-29-13 A.M. Don
Presentation of Truth for Today not recorded 12-29-13 P.M. Bill Cline

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