Don 2012


Sermons 2012 Date Speaker
Picking Up Stones 01-01-12 A.M. Don
How Low Will God Stoop? 01-01-12 P.M. Don
Managing Your Spiritual Investments 01-08-12 A.M. Don
Why We Should Love The Church 01-08-12 P.M. Don
Recovering From Devastating News 01-15-12 A.M. Don
Satan Versus Job ..... Round 2 01-15-12 P.M. Don
What Job Teaches Us About God 01-22-12 A.M. Don
The Attitude of Compassion 01-22-12 P.M. Don
What Does It Mean To Be A Christian 01-29-12 A.M. Don
From Slaves To Sons 01-29-12 P.M. Don
Why Is The House Of God Forsaken? 02-05-12 A.M. Don
Why Is The House Of God Forsaken? 02-05-12 P.M. Don
Cain: The First Corrupt Person Part 1 02-12-12 A.M. Don
Cain: The First Corrupt Person Part 2 02-12-12 P.M. Don
Resisting Abortion, While Helping Hurting Women 02-19-12 A.M. Don
Youth Focus - Not the "A" Team, But the "B" Team 02-19-12 P.M. Don
The Role of Christ In The Church 02-26-12 A.M. Don
The Role of Christ In The Church Part 2 02-26-12 P.M. Don
A Tale of Two Conversions Part 1 03-04-12 A.M. Paul
A Tale of Two Conversions Part 2 03-04-12 P.M. Paul
God's Provision For Man 03-11-12 A.M Don
The Blood Covenant 03-11-12 P.M. Don
The Hebrew Ritual 03-18-12 A.M. Don
David and Jonathan 03-18-12 P.M. Don
What Was It Abraham Believed? 03-25-12 A.M. Don
The Test 03-25-12 P.M. Don
The Tabernacle 04-01-12 A.M. Don
Approaching God Through The Tabernacle 04-01-12 P.M. Don
The Highest Priest 04-08-12 A.M. Don
Our High Priest 04-08-12 P.M. Don
Growing Through Adversity 04-15-12 A.M. Don
The Solitariness of God 04-15-12 P.M. Don
Hypocrisy: Who Am I? Or Who Do I Want Others To Think I Am? 04-22-12 A.M. Don
The Mercy of God 04-22-12 P.M. Don
Remembrance After Death 04-29-12 A.M. Don
The Love of God 04-29-12 P.M. Don
The Godly Man's Response To God 05-06-12 A.M. Don
A Great Woman 05-13-12 A.M. Don
The Sins of Anxiety and Frustration 05-13-12 P.M. Don
Senior Graduation - Sermon By Paul Fletcher 05-20-12 A.M. Paul
A Nobody, Nobody Noticed 05-27-12 A.M. Don
David And The Spiritual Dwarf 05-27-12 P.M. Don
Mad and Hungry 06-03-12 A.M. Don
Down In The Pits 06-03-12 P.M. Don
Peek a Boo...I See You 06-10-12 A.M. Don
Peek a Boo....I See You Cont. 06-10-12 P.M. Don
How To Be A Godly Father 06-17-12 A.M. Don
Trouble At Home 06-17-12 P.M. Don
The Eight Steps of Consequences 06-24-12 A.M. Don
Real Friends are Hard To Come By 06-24-12 P.M. Don
“A Man Big Enough To Forgive” 07-01-12 A.M. Don
The Death of King David 07-01-12 P.M. Don
Great and Awesome Is God 07-08-12 A.M. Don
Worship Is a Way of Life 07-08-12 P.M. Don
This Must Be The Place 07-15-12 A.M. Don
Worship In Spirit and In Truth 07-15-12 P.M. Don
Angels - How They Differ From Man 07-22-12 A.M. Don
Angelic Organization 07-22-12 P.M. Don
The Lostness of the Lost 07-29-12 A.M Timothy Luster
Short Sermon by Timothy Luster 07-29-12 P.M. Timothy Luster
Angelic Spectators 08-05-12 A.M. Don
Elect According to the Foreknowledge of God 08-05-12 P.M. Don
Trash In - Trash Out 08-12-12 A.M. Delton McGuire
Electronic Battlefield 08-12-12 P.M. Delton McGuire
A Kingdom Talk 08-19-12 A.M. Paul Fletcher
You're Born With It 08-19-12 P.M. Don
How God Shapes A Man 08-26-12 A.M. Don
Made For Times Of Crises 08-26-12 P.M. Don
Being A Kingdom Citizen 09-02-12 A.M. Don
Search Me Oh God 09-02-12 P.M. Don
Behave Like A Christian 09-09-12 A.M. Don
The Way of The Cross 09-09-12 P.M. Don
An Awesome Story of Gods Redemption 09-16-12 A.M. Don
An Awesome Story of Gods Redemption Part 2 09-16-12 P.M. Don
The Minister or The Pastor? 09-23-12 A.M. Don
Thinking About What You're Thinking About - Not Recorded 09-23-12 P.M. Don
Gods Invisible Providence 09-30-12 A.M. Don
The Plot of The Story 09-30-12 P.M. Don
Welcome Miss Persia! 10-07-12 A.M. Don
“Thinking and Saying What's Right - Regardless" 10-07-12 P.M. Don
"Calm, Cool, and Collective Plan” 10-14-12 A.M. Don
“And the Walls Came Tumbling Down" 10-14-12 P.M. Don
The Growth of Sin 10-21-12 A.M. Don
The Work of The Surgeon 10-21-12 P.M. Don
The Sin of Ungodliness 10-28-12 A.M. Don
A Business Woman Comes To Christ 10-28-12 P.M. Don
Who Will Stand 11-04-12 A.M. Don
University of Cheroth 11-04-12 P.M. Don
“A.I.T.: Advanced Individual Training” 11-11-12 A.M. Don
“Faith, Faith, Faith!” 11-11-12 P.M. Don
“Singing the Blues” 11-18-12 A.M. Don
“When God Says, ’I’m Done..’ He’s Done!” 11-18-12 P.M. Don
Pt.2 “When God says, I’m Done”… He’s Done” 11-25-12 A.M. Don
“Waiting for the Whirlwind” 11-25-12 P.M. Don
“Lord, Change My Attitude…. Before it’s too Late” 12-02-12 A.M. Don
Guest Speaker: Bill Cline, Truth for Today. 12-02-12 P.M. Bill Cline
“The Sin of a Critical Attitude” 12-09-12 A.M. Don
“The Origin of The Search for Significance” 12-09-12 P.M. Don
“If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?” 12-16-12 A.M. Don
“The Promises of God Concerning Eternal Rewards” 12-16-12 P.M. Don
The New, The Pew, and The Few 12-30-12 A.M. Don
“Considering the Name of God” 12-30-12 P.M. Don

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