Don 2010

Sermons 2010 Date Speaker
Communion With God 01-03-10 A.M. Don
Common Sense 01-03-10 P.M Don
The Theology That Matters 01-10-10 A.M. Don
The Devils Trap 01-10-10 P.M. Don
Do Not Be Unequally Yoked 01-17-10 A.M. Don
Seven Sure Ways to Promote Christian Unity 01-24-10 A.M. Don
The Elder Brother 01-24-10 P.M. Don
The Elect To The For-Knowledge Of God 01-31-10 A.M. Don
What Will We Be Like When We Get To Heaven? 01-31-10 P.M. Don
Have Faith In God 02-07-10 A.M. Don
Heaven or Hell? 02-07-10 P.M. Don
The Miracle, The Murmuring, and The Masters Words. 02-14-10 A.M. Don
Do You Love Me In Spite Of These ? 02-14-10 P.M. Shawn Hart
What's Wrong With User Friendly? 02-21-10 A.M. Don
Children Obey Your Parents 02-21-10 P.M Don
Praying Scripture 02-28-10 P.M Don
Prayer Blockers 03-07-10 A.M Don
The Earth's Redemption 03-07-10 P.M Don
Can You Know You Are Going To Heaven? 03-14-10 A.M Don
Discomfort Leading To Sin 03-14-10 P.M Don
Why Does God Allow? 03-21-10 A.M Don
A Friend at Midnight 03-28-10 A.M Don
The Christians Joy 03-28-10 P.M Don
The Darkest of Days 04-04-10 A.M Don
The Perfect Storm 04-04-10 P.M Don
Died Abner As A Fool Dieth 04-11-10 A.M Don
Deliverance from Discouragement & Hopelessness 04-18-10 A.M Don
Enoch The Holy Saint 04-18-10 P.M Don
Why Do You Speak in Parables? 04-25-10 A.M Don
UnSinkable Saints 04-25-10 P.M Don
The Parable of the Dragnet 05-02-10 A.M Don
Walking By The Spirit 05-02-10 P.M Don
A Dedicated Godly Mother 05-09-10 A.M Don
Hope Against Hope 05-09-10 P.M Don
Becoming Great Leaders 05-16-10 A.M Shawn
Feeling The Greatness of Gods Power 05-16-10 P.M Shawn
The Unfaithful Servant 05-23-10 A.M Don
What Will It Take To Convince You? 05-30-10 A.M Richard Hurlocker
Work Out Your Own Salvation 05-30-10 P.M Don
What Godly Women Will Not Do 06-06-10 A.M. Don
The Silence of The Lamb 06-06-10 P.M. Don
Five Marks of an Effective Ministry 06-13-10 A.M. Don
Words that Wound, Words that Heal 06-13-10 P.M. Don
God's Plan For The Man 06-20-10 A.M. Don
One Meal You Can’t Eat In The Kitchen 06-20-10 P.M. Don
Surpassing Righteousness 06-27-10 A.M. Richard
An Invitation To An Abundant Life 06-27-10 P.M. Richard
What Is Leadership? 07-04-10 A.M. Don
My Soul Thirsts For You 07-04-10 P.M. Don
Grace Is Not A Cover-Up 07-11-10 A.M. Don
Band Of Brothers (Sisters) 07-11-10 P.M. Shawn 
Heeding the Warning of Jesus 07-18-10 A.M. Don
If Christ Had Not Died 07-18-10 P.M. Don
Bring Back The Glory Days 07-25-10 A.M. Clifford Easiley
Where Are We As A Church? 07-25-10 P.M. Clifford
The Consequences of Disobedience 08-01-10 A.M. Don
Who Turned Loose, Me or God? 08-01-10 P.M. Don
The Prophet Hosea and the Prostitute 08-08-10 A.M. Don
A Life Worthy of the Calling 08-08-10 P.M. Paul Fletcher
The Son's House 08-15-10 A.M. Don
Living Under the Influence 08-15-10 P.M. Don
Complaining, Complaining, Complaining 08-22-10 A.M. Richard
The Morality & Love of Money Part 1 08-29-10 A.M. Don
The Morality & Love of Money Part 2 08-29-10 P.M. Don
Consider My Servant Job 09-05-10 A.M. Don
Obedience - Not Sacrifice 09-05-10 P.M. Don
Drawing The Wrong Conclusion 09-12-10 A.M. Don
Arm Yourselves 09-12-10 P.M. Don
The Lord's Church and Worthless Counterfeits 09-19-10 A.M. Doug Dingley
If It Be The Lord's Will 09-19-10 P.M. Don
Is it My fault? 09-26-10 A.M. Don
The Duties of Parents 09-26-10 P.M. Don
The Sabbath 10-03-10 A.M. Don
A Gracious Hero's Story 10-03-10 P.M. Don
The Sins of Sodom Pt. 1 10-10-10 A.M. Don
The Sins of Sodom Pt. 2 10-10-10 P.M. Don
Get Out Of Those Grave Clothes 10-17-10 A. M. Richard
A Diet That Works 10-17-10 P.M. Richard
The Case Against Social Drinking 10-24-10 A.M. Don
Don't Believe Everything You Hear 10-24-10 P.M. Don
Better Late Than Never

10-31-10 A.M.

Why Has All Of This Happened To Us? 10-31-10 P.M. Don
And The Lord Saw......And The Lord Heard 11-07-10 A.M. Don
The Way of Transgressors Is Hard 11-07-10 P.M. Don
How To Listen To The Word Of God 11-14-10 A.M. Don
How To Deal With Bitterness 11-14-10 P.M. Don
The Marks Of A Strong Church 11-21-10 A.M. Don
The Lord Is... 11-21-10 P.M. Don
How To Rightly Divide Scripture 11-28-10 A.M. Don
Calvary's Cross of Many Colors 11-28-10 P.M. Don
The Awesome Love of God - Part 1 12-05-10 A.M. Don
What A Friend We Have In Jesus 12-05-10-P.M. Don
The Awesome Love of God - Part 2 12-12-10 A.M. Don
David Confronted 12-12-10 P.M. Don
The Awesome Love of God Part 3 12-19-10 A.M. Don
The Devil Wants You As His Slave 12-19-10 P.M. Don
Real Salvation 12-26-10 A.M. Don
The Transformed Life 12-26-10 P.M. Don

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