We are PodCasting!

For those of you not familiar with podcasting it is defined thusly:

Despite the source of the name, it has never been necessary to use an iPod, or any other form of portable media player, to use podcasts; the content can be accessed using any computer capable of playing media files. As more mobile devices other than iPods became able to synchronize with podcast feeds, a acronym developed where podcast stood for "Personal On Demand broadCAST.

So what happens is that our sermons are presented on Sunday, placed on our web site server where they are immediately available to be played or downloaded from our server, but then at some point in time usually within 24 hours a podcatcher retrieves the links and sends them to the service through an rss feed (that is the little orange symbol on the web site). We have been accepted to ITUNES and sometime very soon will be in their directory so that you can go to itunes and search on us and we can be found, so what does that mean to you? Well if you download itunes to your computer then you can subscribe to the Poteau Church of Christ PodCasts (its free) and that's all you do. Every time a new one arrives you will automatically get it. And if you have an ipod, then you can download it to your mobile device and get our sermons to go..... our url for our podcasts is http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id= ---316039697 also there is an image on the home page that says click here for podcasts, if you have itunes installed on your computer just click the image and you will get the podcast.

May God grant you all kinds of peace in believing and as you listen to his word.

UPDATE 4/1/09 ***NEED HELP ***

We are now listed in ITUNES directory and can be found and downloaded to ipods or mp3 players, We need a computer graphics artist to make us an itunes cover, a 300x300px jpg or png, not a picture, but a piece of art. Please see other podcast covers on ITUNES to see what we are talking about. If you have experience at that sort of thing and would be interested we will be glad to put you to work. see rick.