I hope you enjoy these articles, feel free to use them in your own bulletins. Don Cherry
Articles 2016

Run Well God Remembers
In Our Heavenly Home (Part 1)
Faithful Christian An Attitude of Gratitude
Works that Follows Us
The Way Up Is Down Why Pray?
Is Depression Sin?
What Are You Making? One Nation Under God
Try It On!
Don't kid yourself Rejoice Always
How to Stay Unhappy (Part 1)
Attributes of God
No Excuses
Become As Little Children (Part 3) Applying the Scriptures
Shifting Life’s Paradigm
A Servant by Choice 4 Ways to Kill Worry 
Empty Net Syndrome Forgiven? Then Forgive The Son of Encouragement
A Servant by Choice An Undeserved Gift Worthy of Our Worship

Articles 2017


Are We Bringing Our Children Up or Down?
 Marriage and Family
Facing Our Gethsemanes  
Increase Is God’s Work
 God Sent A Savior

Articles 2018

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