I hope you enjoy these articles, feel free to use them in your own bulletins. Don Cherry
Articles 2014

Using the Minutes of Your Day for the Glory of God  Crafted
 Just Pray
 Four Bodies - One Mission  The Last Thing God Wants
 The Resurrection Brings Hope
 Dear Mom Permission Required 
 Don't Judge
 The Overcomers Regeneration 
When You Are the Offender – Part 1 
Kept In Heavenly Storage  Friendships 
Written On Our Hearts 
 Why Good Isn't Good Enough What Do You Want Your Children To Become? 
 To Live is Christ
 God Starts....and Finishes Press On 
Our Source of Strength 
 Matthew 28:16-20  

Articles 2015


Seeds And Weeds
 Are You Jesus? Work It Out 
When We Blow It 
 Straight Talk about Trust

You Are Being Watched

 The Power Of A Mother
 Learning from Trials So Great a Salvation  
 The Gospel that Divides
Rarely Used Spiritual Weapons  Somebody, Everybody, Anybody and Nobody 
 Completing the Work in You
 Two Ways To Be Happy  All Things New
Godly Living in an Ungodly Age 
 Attitude Check

Rules for Rich Folks

The Church 
Don't Quit, Keep Pressing On!   The Message of Christmas
 Are You Humble?

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