I hope you enjoy these articles, feel free to use them in your own bulletins. Don Cherry
Articles 2012

Wait To Worry
Salvation: Work In Progress
The Sin of Prayerlessness
The Son Question
The Way Back
Five Keys to Overcoming Negativity
You Can Have A Clean Heart and Renewed Mind
Peace Without A Pill
Simple Logic
Un-Expected Grace
Four Hearts - One Soil
The Logical Thing To Do
Living Sacrifices
Stress Is A Choice
The Gift of Salvation Ignored: Jesus Teaches About Death and Eternal Hell
Justified: God Changed My State
Do Not Neglect Your Spirtual Gift
Never Underestimate The Power of A Mother
The Pygmalion Effect
A Letter From Torment
Daddy's Rules For Dating
Body Building 101
James - A Servant of God
Undercover Christians
Good Reasons To Be Baptized
Does Evil Exist?
Conquering Our Unseen But Dangerous Enemy
The Good Heart
Testing God's Promises
How To Live With God Part 1
How To Live With God Part 2
Should A Christian Be In Debt?
Using the Minutes of Your Day for the Glory of God
The Only Way To Not Waste Your Life
Investing In People
Being A Servant Is Unannounced
Spiritual Growth
The Church Is What You Are
What Spiritual Immaturity Looks Like
Illustrating the Consequences of Serving God
Dealing With Rejection
Four Things that Drive us Away from Generosity
Qualities of a Good Bible Student – Part 1

Articles 2013


How Does Jesus Cultivate Fruitfulness in the Lives of Christians?
Walking Each Day with the God You Can Know and Trust
Killing Me Softly
Get Out Of Debt With The Debt Snowball Method
Go...and Make Disciples!
A Tour of the Grave
The “S” Word: Does Size Matter?
"I am a Christian"
Is “good enough” Good Enough?
A More Perfect Way
The Importance of Conscience
The Attraction of Gracious Giving
Start With A Step
Nothing to Show
Why Isn't God Answering My Prayer?
Do You See The Difference?
Jesus Describes Hell

Why Isn't God Answering My Prayer?

Part 2

No Place For Pride
Rootless Religion
The Fruits of Worship
Know that the LORD Himself is God!
God’s Creative Signature
Staying Tender Hearted in a Cruel World
The Importance of Leadership
Up-Close Forgiveness
How Close Is God to Me?
Opening To God
Finish With Joy
How to Conquer Discouragement – Part 1
Believe God, Not the Deceiver
The Meaning of Praise
Compassion in Suffering

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